Sugar Detox

Since March 1st I am on a sugar detox. Sugar is my biggest addiction. I have tried to quit many times, but always without success. This time I want to try it bit by bit. From the 1st of March I don’t eat sugar sweets.

Week 1 (2024-03-01 – 2024-03-08): I can’t eat sugary candy. I can eat no sugary sweets and drink no sugary fizzy drinks (for example, cola zero)

Week 2 (2024-03-09 – 2024-03-16): I can’t eat sugary candy and no sugary sweets. I can drink no sugary fizzy drinks.

Week 3 (from 2024-03-17): I can’t eat sugary candy, no sugary sweets and I can’t drink no sugary fizzy drinks.

My goal is zero sweets. No sugar sweets is not good solution because the habit stays the same – I have to eat it during a day. Also no sugar fizzy drinks are not good for health.

Currently I am in week 1, day 2. It’s ok but I have no sugar bar and no sugar Kofola (traditional Czech cola).

About this day

Mood: 5/5

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Notes from today: The day started in the countryside but later we went to Krakow. In Krakow we visited our new apartment that we are renovating. At the moment the interior is dried but we tested the colors of the wall paint.